Why You Should Fly Turkish Next

With so many airlines offering so many promotions to Europe and Beyond, the passenger booking his next flight to a winter paradise or summer holiday is inundated with choices. Every airline has great promotional videos and material and are also actively throwing ads at you on Instagram and all over the internet. This is why you should give Turkish Airlines a chance your next holiday.

Turkish flies into its new hub, the just opened Istanbul airport. If this article had been written a few weeks ago I'd have recommended to steer clear of Turkish altogether simply to avoid the chaos that is transiting in the old overcrowded Istanbul airport. All flights from Singapore to Istanbul are provided on their long-haul Boeing 777-300ER, which is respectable and newly updated. Their seats are the new tight-fit 10 abreast layout, and can be mildly uncomfortable at times, but I propose that their soft product more than makes up for the little setbacks in hardware.

Turkish Airlines has great catering. Period. I loved their food on the four flights I took with them, and it was always consistently good. Their service was attentive, and I was never short of drinks or snacks. They provided an amenity kit (which was basic) in economy but it was a nice touch given that most airlines are going the route of cost-cutting. They even provided hand lotion and a scented mist in the lavatories. The real star of the show was the small gesture of handing out bottles of drinking water to passengers once after the meal service. Everyone absolutely hates being poured a drop of water into a fiddly plastic cup that gets in the way of everything, and having your own bottle really makes it convenient. They even go so far as to stock snacks and additional drinks at the galleys for passengers to help themselves to as they stretch their legs.

I am also happy to report that their product is consistent on both long-haul and short-haul flights. Most European carriers have resorted to charging for food on shorter routes, but Turkish has yet to cave in. They still serve hot meals as well as a full spread of beverages of decent quality which is commendable. While short-haul flights are not the most accurate representation of airline quality, they often expose very quickly if the carrier is cutting corners.

My verdict is that Turkish Airlines deserves a try, and a big thumbs up.

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